Tell Congress: Pass the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2013!

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Tell Congress: Pass the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2013!

It's time for Congress to audit the Fed!

Rep. Paul Broun and Sen. Rand Paul have introduced the "Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2013" -- H.R. 24 and S. 2 209.

We must call and petition our elected leaders to sponsor Rep. Broun and Sen. Paul's incredibly important legislation.

From Rep. Broun:

“I first want to thank Congressman Ron Paul for his tireless and unwavering dedication to auditing the Federal Reserve.  His efforts paid off when the House passed his legislation with overwhelming bipartisan support during the 112th Congress.  This accomplishment in itself marked the most significant stride made toward bringing real transparency to the nation’s monetary policy.  Unfortunately, as has become the status quo, the do-nothing Senate failed to act on the bill before the end of the 112th Congress, causing it to flat line.

“Moving forward, my plan is to pick up right where Congressman Paul left off.  Our economy is far from recovering, and the recent fears regarding the potential impacts of the ‘fiscal cliff’ and its aftermath prove that the American people must continue to demand transparency from the entity charged with ensuring stable economic and monetary policy.  While measures requiring partial audits of the Fed have become law in recent years, it’s clear that current policy does not go far enough.  I am honored to carry on one of Rep. Paul’s legacies, as well as his efforts to advocate for a full audit of the Fed, which remains as active – and as closely-guarded – as ever.”

We have preserved the original call to action below, for the cause remains unchanged, but we have adjusted the sample letter to lawmakers to reflect the new bill.

From Sen. Paul:

"The Fed's operations under a cloak of secrecy have gone on too long and the American people have a right to know what the Federal Reserve is doing with our nation's money supply," Sen. Paul said. "Audit the Fed has significant bipartisan support in Congress and across the country and the time to act on this is now."

Sign the petition and send a free message to each of your US Senators and your Representative urging them to pass H.R. 24 and S. 209 to audit the Federal Reserve!


"For decades the Fed has operated without any meaningful oversight whatsoever, resulting in the loss of savings, loss of purchasing power, and loss of quality of life for all Americans. It causes individuals and businesses to make bad decisions, misallocating their capital because market signals have been distorted. It causes financial ruin by engineering the inevitable boom and bust cycles that so many erroneously blame on capitalism. And it does all this in secrecy, to the benefit of the financial and political classes. It is time to Audit the Fed, as a first step toward ending its unchecked power over our money and economic fortunes." - Rep. Ron Paul, Inflation is a Monetary Phenomenon

The United States' third Central Bank -- the Federal Reserve Bank -- was created upon the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, signed the night before Christmas Eve in 1913.

The Federal Reserve is not a part of government, yet it enjoys full government protection. The Federal Reserve Note, or the US Dollar, was established by government as the only legal tender for debts public and private. Though initially tied to the Gold Standard, over the course of years the Fed eventually detached the Dollar completely from gold and its inflationary limits. Federal Reserve Notes today are backed by nothing but the trust and goodwill of the Government of the United States; in other words, it is backed by only an idea -- nothing more

The Federal Reserve as the sole Author and Steward of the only legal tender, therefore holds full responsibility for the value of its own notes -- the Fed alone is responsible for inflation and deflation. As a matter of sad fact, the Federal Reserve has devalued its own notes over 98% since the institution took monetary controls almost a hundred years ago. Businesses, individuals, the marketplace -- none are responsible for the devaluation of the dollar, regardless of who may or may not be blamed in the media or in university economic classrooms. Again, since the Federal Reserve is solely responsible for the Dollar, they alone are responsible for their Notes' value.

Money is the media of exchange and is essential for sound economy -- money is half of every transaction. The fact is, money and monetary policy is a crucial part of any exchange economy. Therefore, if our dollar is unstable so will our economy be; this is exactly what we have been seeing.

The Central Bank's tampering with interest rates, creating easy credit, and printing money out of thin air only makes for an unstable dollar -- and all of these "monetary tools" cause Booms and Busts, High Times and Depressions.

Our Central Bank has overseen a number of depressions and boom's since its establishment, yet, it was founded on a claim that it would eliminate them! There have been more depressions since the Federal Reserve than there had been before the Bank was created.

All of this shows the enormous power of the Federal Reserve, the power which was ceded to it by the US Congress -- the government body responsible for money under the Constitution. But what's worse is that the Fed has no government oversight whatsoever; it operates in total secrecy. 

In the 112th Congress, HR 459 passed overwhelmingly, but its companion, S. 202, failed to take a vote in the U.S. Senate. The 113th Congress must reindtroduce Rep. Paul's "Federal Reserve Transparency Act" or a compatible piece of legislation to AUDIT the Federal Reserve!

Sign the petition and send a free message to each of your US Senators and your Representative urging them to pass H.R. 24 and S. 209 to audit the Federal Reserve!

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Please pass Audit the Fed
It operates under a cloak of secrecy that has to be removed - for every ones sake - especially for the taxpayer

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